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Full vision small factor Optic unrivaled clarity

A new era in optical innovation awaits. Dive into immersive visuals, whether you are exploring the stars or virtual worlds.

Redefining optical excellence, perfect for enhancing your binoculars

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Full vision > 180°
Small form factor & Eyepiece
Patent Pending 2023

New Full vision Eyepiece BU

Wide field of view small form factor eyepieces

Full Field of View

Converts a screen into a large field of vision visible to the eye


The very strong deviation power possibility of TO optical technology

Multi-device Compatibility

Optics may be customized for various applications

Optical technology

Tarsioptics optical technology is specifically used in the field of image eye projection be it the eyepiece such as binocular eyepieces or binocular magnifiers.

The very strong deviation power possibility of Tarsioptics optical technology makes possible to have two in one – a full vision field of view and a small form factor flat image object with an on-axis unique lens.



Tarsioptics Magnifier is the sole optical element. It may be customized for applications such as reading magnifiers or screen magnifiers. Tarsioptics Magnifier can be of interest in the fields of aeronautics or automotive displays or flight simulators to project the image of the screen at further distance.

Tarsioptic Eyepiece is the last optical element before the eye. It may be customized with the front optic for various applications such as telescope, binocular or microscope full vision eyepieces.


About Tarsioptics

Tarsioptics is a deep technology division of Scoptique leading R&D activities in the area of wide field of view and small form factor projection optics. Scoptique is the originator of and contributor to a number of large field-of-view optical patents, namely in the field of virtual and augmented reality.

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Supraorbital margin
Curved eye surface (bluish)
Nasal bone
XR Optics

VR optics innovative concept

  • The project goal is to achieve the widest field of view compact XR optics.
  • The innovative concept consists in the XR optical system with an eye surface curved and located at the front of the orbit area inside the space defined by the supraorbital margin and the nasal bone.
XR Optics

VR optics description

  • An optical system between the eye and the display collimates the ray coming from the display.
  • The optical system is able to bend the widest field of view rays with an angle of 110°.
  • The optical system and the display can be used with or without tilt.
  • Example of display size possibilities: 2 displays of 2 inch, 1 display of 5 inch width.
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Optical system
Curved eye Surface (bluish)

The numbers speak for themselves

TarsiOptics technology demonstrates extreme performances

More than

Full field of view

Less than
0 mm

Lens thickness

Less than
0 inch

Microdisplays Small form factor

More than




your 360 images


Manage very high R.D. > 90°. Small form factor achievable.Use of untilted optics, uncurved screen, mono-path possible.One lens and one display


Achieved prototype T4 2013 : 1 x 6 inch display, 180°Achieved prototype T1 2024:2 x 2 inch display, 180°2 x 2 inch display, 220°


Coming prototypes H2 2024:2 x 2 inch > 200°2 x 1.8 inch > 200°2 x 1.35 inch 4K > 200°
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Our optics is core technology of innovation added value for visual products. It can bring innovative products for insiders industrials, and can also allow outsider industrials to enter into the game.

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