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Key Milestones from November 2023 to January 2024

Over the past few months, Tarsioptics has reached significant milestones, highlighting our ongoing progress in XR optics.

In November 2023, we showcased our innovative technology at the XR Global Conference, focusing on wide field-of-view and compact VR, MR, and AR headsets. This event allowed us to connect with industry experts and receive valuable feedback. In January 2024, we participated in the MetaVSummit in Dubai, where our CEO-CTO David Batté engaged in insightful interviews, discussing our advancements and future projects. These experiences have been pivotal in advancing our mission and expanding our network. Here are the details from these milestones:

November 2023
Participation in XR Global Conference

In November 2023, Tarsioptics had the opportunity to present at the XR Global Conference, a key event for the XR community. CEO-CTO David Batté delivered an insightful presentation titled “Panoramic Field of View Compact XR Headsets and Glasses Using Innovative Newly-Developed Eyepieces.” This presentation underscored the importance of wide field-of-view and compact VR, MR, and AR headsets to enhance user experience and increase adoption rates.

The conference, which emphasises XR’s technical, functional, and business aspects, provided a valuable platform for networking and learning. The feedback and interactions from this event have been instrumental in refining our technology and expanding our professional network. Watch the presentation.

January 2024
Interview with Pinoyweb3TV at MetaVSummit, Dubai

In January 2024, during the MetaVSummit in Dubai, Tarsioptics CEO-CTO David Batté was interviewed by Krista 2 Moons from Pinoyweb3TV. The event took place on January 10 at the Dalma Ballroom in the Two Seasons Hotel, Dubai Media City, drawing over 5000 Web 3.0 investors and founders.

In this exclusive interview, David discussed Tarsioptics’ current initiatives and upcoming projects, providing valuable insights into the future of the company and the broader XR optics industry. He elaborated on how Tarsioptics is pioneering advancements in compact, wide field-of-view optics that are transforming the VR, MR, and AR landscapes.

The MetaVSummit served as a critical platform for establishing significant connections within the blockchain industry. Attendees were particularly impressed with Tarsioptics’ innovative optical solutions, recognizing their potential to revolutionize user experiences in immersive technologies. The interview highlighted Tarsioptics’ role in driving forward the future of XR optics and fostering long-term business relationships. Watch the interview.

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January 2024
Interview with Web3TV at MetaVSummit, Dubai

In January 2024, during the MetaVSummit in Dubai, Tarsioptics CEO-CTO David Batté was featured in an interview with Web3TV, a leading platform for Web 3.0 content. The interview titled “David Batte, CEO-CTO of Tarsioptics at MetaVSummit” explored Tarsioptics’ advancements in wide field-of-view and small form factor projection optics.

David highlighted how Tarsioptics, a division of Scoptique, continues to innovate in VR and AR technologies, emphasizing the importance of their pioneering work in immersive experiences. The discussion provided insights into the current projects and future initiatives of Tarsioptics, showcasing their commitment to pushing the boundaries of optical technology.

The MetaVSummit, held at the Dalma Ballroom in the Two Seasons Hotel, Dubai Media City, attracted a diverse group of Web 3.0 investors and founders. This event provided a valuable platform for Tarsioptics to connect with key players in the industry and discuss the transformative potential of their technology. Watch the interview.

Our participation in these significant events over the past few months has solidified Tarsioptics' position in the XR optics industry.

We have demonstrated our commitment to advancing optical technology. These experiences have provided us with invaluable feedback and connections, driving our mission forward.


AWE USA 2024

We are excited to announce our next major appearance at AWE USA 2024, scheduled from June 18-20 in Long Beach, California. AWE USA is the world's leading AR/VR conference and expo, bringing together industry professionals to explore the future of immersive technologies. We invite you to visit us and experience firsthand how Tarsioptics continues to innovate and lead in the field of optical technology. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue our journey in redefining optical experiences.

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