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Tarsioptics Showcases Innovation at Laval Virtual 2024

We are excited to share highlights from our recent participation at Laval Virtual 2024, held in France.

This event provided a significant platform for us to present our groundbreaking VR headset technology, combining compact design with a full field of vision.

Laval Virtual 2024: A Milestone Event

Laval Virtual is renowned for showcasing cutting-edge advancements in virtual reality. Our participation was featured in an article by L’Usine Nouvelle, a leading French magazine focused on the industrial economy and technology. The article titled “Laval Virtual 2024: start-up Tarsioptics promises VR headsets combining compactness and a full field of vision,” was published on April 12, 2024. It highlights our commitment to revolutionizing VR headsets with innovative optics that offer an unparalleled user experience. Read the full article.

Our Technological Innovations

At Laval Virtual, we showcased our latest VR headsets featuring compact, wide field-of-view optics. These headsets are designed to enhance the immersive experience while maintaining a sleek and lightweight form factor. This innovation is crucial for various applications, from gaming to professional training, providing users with a more engaging and realistic experience.

Recognition and Coverage

L’Usine Nouvelle is a respected monthly publication dedicated to economic and technological developments in the industrial sector. It covers news, market trends, and technological advancements, making it a valuable source for competitive intelligence. Through its digital platform, L’Usine Digitale, the magazine also focuses on digital companies, further amplifying our reach and recognition in the industry. Learn more about L’Usine Nouvelle.

Looking Ahead

Our participation at Laval Virtual 2024 marks a significant milestone in our journey. The positive feedback and interest from industry leaders and technology enthusiasts have been incredibly encouraging. We look forward to leveraging this momentum as we continue to innovate and expand our presence in the VR market.

Stay tuned for more updates on our upcoming projects and events!

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